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Monday, January 28, 2008

Ron Paul says "Fortunately technology is very challenging!"

Just when those of us who support Ron Paul for President are in a period of lamentation over the way he is treated by the media, then up jump some very nice media people from a Fox affiliate in Washington State to have a talk with Dr. Paul. This is a very fair interview. It shows how Ron Paul's grasp of economic matters is way above the others. I think those who are contemplating voting for McCain, Romney, Huckabee or Giuliani tomorrow should have a good long think as to whether those guys can cut the mustard in these straightening times.

Ted Kennedy was talking of change today, in his effusive support of Barack Obama. Change is the buzz word this year because most Americans want some change in their lives. My feeling is that if Republican supporters want real change, then Ron Paul is the only one to vote for tomorrow. But before you vote, watch this little offering -


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