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Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul Tops Fox News Poll at 32%!

With all the chicanery going on at the moment, it is fitting to hear when electoral justice occurs. Fox News obviously reckons Ron Paul is a threat to their "news gathering" empire, but even their own polls are fairly accurate. Although the handpicked focus group put Fred Thompson as the winner of last night's debate, Fox News' text messaging poll asked who won the debate and the result was Ron Paul with 32 percent of votes, followed by Thompson with 22 percent and Huckabee with 18 percent. Where McCain was I'm not sure. Probably working out how to stay in Iraq for 100 years!

But doesn't it show how, when all candidates get a decent chance, Ron Paul confounds the various "machines" pitted against him.

More on this from The Facts by John Tompkins.


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