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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ron Paul won all the debates, says Giuliani

The Florida Primary is over now for the Republicans. Although John McCain won with 36% of the vote, Mitt Romney is still in there with 31%. McCain is being hailed as the new frontrunner after Rudy Giuliani's risky gamble in Florida failed to ignite the voters' hearts and minds. But a frontrunner who can only manage to garner a third of the votes? It means two-thirds don't agree. I'd say that McCain is "in front", but that the other runners have various degrees of political stamina to allow them to become "frontrunners" too! After all, Huckabee has won, Romney has won, so the race is far from being a done deal. The fat lady hasn't even arrived in the theatre!

The results were:

John McCain: 36%
Mitt Romney: 31%
Rudy Giuliani: 15%
Mike Huckabee: 14%
Ron Paul: 3%

Hillary Clinton: 50%
Barack Obama: 33%
John Edwards: 14%

Rudy Giuliani is likely to drop out now. He gave the hint, "I don't back down from a principle fight, but there must always be a larger purpose." He may endorse McCain, but I'd hope he'd hold back until after Super Tuesday. He said that the others had fought well, but, as shown in this piece, he also said that Ron Paul won all the debates!


This is great... I hope Rudy can still make a living on 9/11.

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I think he had genuine empathy on the matter and wasn't "milking it" for political ends, but he followed the McCain path slightly into fantasy and fiction.

If McCain does become President, he'll have to do better than Bush on Iraq otherwise his honeymoon with the voters will be over and the voters will be chasing around for "divorce" lawyers!

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