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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Shepard Smith sneers at Ron Paul!

I didn't know who Shepard (Shep) Smith (pictured) was until today. He's an anchor on Fox News, the American equivalent of Sky News. This is a Rupert Murdoch vehicle for controlling the media. Shepard Smith comes across as a man hellbent on manipulating the news in accordance with His Master's Voice. Greta van Susteren, sitting opposite Smith, puts up some form of case for "pulling up another chair" but she spoils it all by saying "he won't be President!". What does she know? My guess is that there will be upsets along the road, but it is how Fox News handles them is more to the point. This little vignette gives a good example of Fox News' methods, I think -

Ron Paul is a candidate I guess Murdoch would not favour. Fox News has deliberately kept his name out as much as possible, but now, with internet and email pressure, are feeling the heat. Ron Paul deserves as much airtime as the others. After all, Huckabee has, at least, proved that money can't buy you power and prestige any more in American politics, much to Mitt Romney's chagrin. Americans are fighting back to reclaim their democracy from the spivs, charlatans, and manipulators.


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