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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tony Blair to be EU President (of all he surveys?)

Blair left the House of Commons quicker than any other prime minister. Been there, done that! He was off like a fox looking for wayward hens. He moved on to a role which apparently had him building bridges with the various groupings in the Middle East. This was hoped to provide his persuasive powers, which are quite considerable when used on willing supplicants, with some root system. However, the ground hasn't been that fertile. Only his desires are that.

He now has his eyes set on being the EU President. Can you imagine it? President Blair of the EU and President Whoever of the USA. Equals in the world? Well, not really. The American president is head of state, whereas the EU president is head of a commission, which is a gaggle of bureaucrats and politicians. Slight difference!

I'd say Blair has come a long way since his schooldays. But just like then, when he would knock on his housemaster's door and quip "Anything I can do for you, Sir?", requiring the poor schoolmaster to think quickly for fear of entrapment, the same is going on today. "Anything I can do for you?" he poses, to the eager European coterie of political leaders. Thinking it a good idea to cement him to a chair within the heart of the Brussels empire, they may come to rue the day.

New Europe, New Labour! Vice versa, makes no difference. With Peter Mandelson gliding around the icy paths of Davos, feigning ignorance, it's as the Telegraph says. A DONE DEAL!


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