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Friday, January 04, 2008

Tories urge Salmond to quit as MP

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond should quit as an MP as his voting record shows he treats constituents "with contempt", say the Scottish Conservatives. They go on to call him a part-time MP. But why stop there?

We have a part-time MP as Prime Minister, who is job sharing with an MSP. So is Alistair Darling and the chirpy little Dougie Alexander. All three have most of their consituency work conveniently offloaded to the new Scottish Parliament. Leaving them adequate time to screw up things in England!

It's no good the Tories complaining just about Salmond. The whole horrendous devolution porridge recipe has given us constitutional indigestion. If the Tories wanted to settle this fairly and squarely they would give equal status to each of the four home nations and give the Union parliament some real authority.


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