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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tory councillor defects to UKIP

Stevenage is a marginal seat that the Conservatives need to win from the New Labour regime. The sitting MP is ripe for dismissal, being it is Barbara Follett, epitome of all that is New Labour.

As the EU Treaty is debated, though, rumblings in Stevenage Town Hall are heard in the Tory fold. A Conservative councillor defects to UKIP. Why? The expansion of the EU and the influx of migrants who can now enter Britain unhindered is unacceptable, she says, and is putting great pressure on the infrastructure of the NHS, GPs’ surgeries and the education and prison systems. For someone who has been in the party for 25 years, she must have felt the Tory message wasn't getting through.

It remains to be seen if she is an isolated case, or whether many more will copy her moves.


The Tory message is getting through, that's why there is a steady trickle of defections to UKIP. The majority of the Conswervative Party membership may be pro-English eurosceptics but the leadership under David Camoron is anti-English and eurofederalist. That's not what Tories want and that's why they're voting with their feet.

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