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Monday, February 18, 2008

BNP's website 'the most popular in politics'

This doesn't surprise me, as the BNP is a source of morbid curiosity to some and excitable outrage to others. But they can't help themselves but take a look. However, this group is not the main section that gives the party 51% of all political party hits in the UK.

The BNP has achieved a popular internet base because it has a professional-looking site with interactive information on it. Taking a look in no way suggests support or admiration. Whatever one's view of this party, it has done something that no other British Nationalist party has done, and that is to get large numbers of votes (last Euro elections) and to get over 50 councillors elected (including in my own backyard of Solihull!).

I occasionally view the site, not because I'm overawed with Nick Griffin and his crew, but because I'm keen to see what they're up to. You can't oppose a political doctrine if you don't know what you're opposing. The New Labour poncy approach of high-faluting distancing does no favours. In fact, it causes a lot of the problems.

Direct challenge on policy works. Making martyrs of them, like bogus trials, certainly doesn't!


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