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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can Huckabee win Texas?

Mike Huckabee's strategy now is getting a deadlocked convention. Ron Paul is also thinking along these lines, although he has ventured to use the phrase "a brokered convention", suggesting more dialogue rather than arm-twisting. The plain fact is now that John McCain, who was declared the front-runner by the big shot papers, suddenly got a side-swipe from the New York Times and people starting talking. Why? What are they hoping for? It seems odd, that they praise him as a man of principle, then have a go. The lobbying was always known.

McCain is touted by the pollsters to win the Texas primary by 12 clear percentage points. But Huckabee is showing a strong second place. Huckabee is now thinking, as he told a San Antonio radio station, ""If we win Texas, I think it changes the dynamics of this race. It could well go all the way to the convention. If the convention delegates pick the president, chances are they would pick the most conservative. I would be the one they would end up picking, if that’s the criteria." Could it be so?
I'm wondering if somebody has kept the fat lady talking in the foyer of the theatre before she comes on stage to sing!


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