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Sunday, February 10, 2008

GOP divided in Washington State caucus

The Republican Party is having its caucus in Washington State and it seems that John McCain is only slightly ahead of Mike Huckabee, with Ron Paul a close third. Even with Mitt Romney leaving the stage to powder his nose he has managed a sizeable chunk of support.

Is this race a done deal or what?

The Seattle Times has been following 500 or so eager Republicans debating the finer points of policy. In one precinct, four Paul backers and three McCain supporters debated the Iraq war while trying to persuade the other side to switch. Keith Neanover, 26, who served a yearlong tour in Iraq as an Army platoon leader, told the Paul faithful their conspiracy theories are wrong and that the Iraqi people were excited about starting their own government. "Trust me, it's not about the oil," he said. "I was over there. It's about democracy."

Yeah, that would be OK, except that to label Ron Paul's campaign as "conspiracy theories" is not what it is about. There is no conspiracy about the war. It's about how it was started and conducted. Hardly a conspiracy. And Keith - you're a bit naive to think it's not about the oil, because if the oil went elsewhere, such as Europe with euros, I think George W. Bush would be rattling a few cages. And if it's democracy, make sure you give the best advice possible. We don't want them having hanging chads and electronic voting glitches, do we?


I want to clear something up, I did not label the Paul campaign or it's supporters as conspiracy theorists.I was refering to the idea that the Iraq war was started for oil. with that being said, it is sad that you make light of the situation in Iraq. People are losing their lives everyday for democracy and you joke about hanging chads. I would love for the Iraqi people to have eltronic voting glitches as their main problem. President Bush would not rattle cages in Europe over Oil, but if their was a evil dictator with chemical and biological capabilities in charge commiting genocide he would be there in a second.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure you'd pick up the post.

I wasn't joking about hanging chads, just making the point that the democracy George Bush keeps talking about is a bit tarnished in his own back yard.

A cursory glance at the internet will show that many in the US feel these primaries are flawed. What of the November election? Will it be a shining beacon for democracy watchers around the world?

I was flattered to be mentioned in your blog...it's great. I agee ae election process does have flaws, in fact I think the whole pimay system needs to be reformed. Especially in Washington and Texas whee we have both primaries and caucuses, I'm sure there is a moe efficient way to do things. Keep up the good work.

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