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Saturday, February 23, 2008

"On The Make, On The Take" - Libertarian Party makes a stand

The UK Libertarian Party, only recently formed and launched, has come out with some strong policies and a determination to show where things are going wrong. It has to be said that MPs don't exactly get the same working conditions as lesser mortals. Their conditions are quite a bit better.

They have long stated that their jobs are precarious because of the fact they can be booted out at elections. But then who has a job that is safe? Certainly not the staff at Northern Rock, or the countless temporary workers, or those in contracting industries. It's a merry-go-round for lot's of people. Why should the modern day MP be any different?

In Victorian times, parliamentarians looked upon Parliament as an extension to their clubs. It was the follow-on from school and university. It allowed time off for winter holidays, grouse shooting, and generally carrying on as they saw fit. 18 weeks off from the House is a lot. OK, some work in their constituencies, but most will probably just be taking it easy. Ministers may be more tasked, but seeing as each ministry has a number of "spokespersons", it won't be every day that they are called upon to make a policy announcement or do something pressing. The plain fact is that when the House of Commons isn't sitting, the press takes little or no interest in what they get up to. So we are left none the wiser.

Democracy! Don't you just love it?


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