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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paul versus Peden - Ron has him on the ropes!

Chris Peden is an odd cove it seems to me. He is challenging Ron Paul in the 14th District for Congress. Much of the attacks on Ron Paul have been about three things. First, he's not a proper Republican. Second, he's got a poor voting record in the House. And third, he's not for national security by being anti the Iraq conflict. Of course, it's twaddle. Who is to say what a proper Republican is. Most large parties in the Western world, which are capable of governing, are big tents, with a kaleidoscope of opinion within. A 100% voting record does not indicate good representation. It merely shows that the member is prepared to vote for party above principle! And a good conservative can see the futility of going into a conflict without adequate planning or even consulting with friendly countries beforehand about likely problems. If the Bushwhackers had bothered to ask, say the Swedish embassy, about probable outcomes assuming plan A went ahead, they may well have avoided the mess they later found themselves in.

Peden is a typical model candidate. All shine on the outside. A bit different on the inside. This is a nice contribution from Reason Online by David Weigel. David reveals than Peden has spent -

  1. Nearly $3,900 to Houston-based Ignite Marketing for campaign materials
  2. About $8,000 for campaign signs
  3. Nearly $20,000 to DC political consultants at Marsh Copsey and Associates. (Marsh Copsey didn't end up producing anything for the campaign—the relationship ended without ads.)
  4. $679 to his 17-year old daughter Brittany for "contract labor"
Why would a man who has such neatly packed views, without it seems, a problem in expousing them, pay some "political consultants" to do nothing?

And what of his daughter? Even by today's standards $679 is pretty good pocket money!

I fear that Peden is more of a stooge than he cares to admit. I hear Ron Paul's doing OK in the local opinion polling. I wonder if any of this is a contributory factor?


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