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Monday, February 18, 2008

Paul's small government message inspires locals

This from NewarkAdvocate.com which shows that Ron Paul is still galvanising small groups across the USA. More than 20 people crowded into a small room in a building in North Park Place, Newark, Ohio on Sunday to hear and support a message most of them thought has been lost.

Jody Jooss, a Ron Paul fundraiser, says, "It is about getting the American people to come together to hold our congressmen accountable. We are hoping this can be an area in the community where people can go for resources and education and to try to take our country back." And David Ryon, who is running for the 12th District seat, said he was inspired by Paul's message. "I was thinking about leaving the Republican Party last year. I thought it was me; I thought I had drifted away," he said. However, after listening to Paul, Ryon said he realized that wasn't true. "I realized the party had drifted away. The Republican Party believes in small government, lower taxes, less spending, but they don't. They have been spending. They have been taxing."

Yes they have! Spending and taxing, like it was going out of fashion. Say one thing to get elected, do another thing after polling day. Very dodgy, indeed.

That's why Ron Paul's message resonates with the people and not the media moguls, preaching pundits, and chattering cash spenders (other peoples' money!).


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