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Friday, February 29, 2008

Peddling slurs for Peden!

I'm all in favour of a good debate. I'm all in favour of democratic elections. Let the people decide. But on the facts. The Lone Star Times appears to be a front organisation for Chris Peden, the Republican opponent of Ron Paul in the 14th district.

They have a banner suggesting that a politician can't run for two offices. Since when, is my reply! A "Let's Help Retire Ron Paul" message that backfires on the logic.

But the really nasty bit is calling him "Herr Doktor" implying "zanier beliefs and rhetoric". The piece is written with innuendo and sarcasm. Dr.Paul has just as much belief in principles as I'm sure Mr. Peden has. You don't have to be packaged "as a pro-family, pro-life Christian conservative who believes in free markets, smaller government and individual responsibility" and suggest that others who don't fit this exact pattern are somewhat falling short on principle. Dr. Paul is actually quite similar, but I would never suggest the same!

Peden has been a member of the same church since 1977 and said he will not move to Washington, D.C., if elected, but rather fly there every Monday and return home on Thursdays to spend time with his family and “be at my church on Sunday mornings, like you're supposed to be.” Sounds far too much like goody-two-shoes for my liking, but there you go!


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