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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Restaurant owner gives "F" this and that message to diners on bill!

What is it with restaurant owners in Britain? Most of them seem to be either running cheesily posh establishments with over priced food or they are in dire need of the Gordon Ramsay treatment. By that I mean the expletive deleted results rather than the verbal delivery.

In Joe Delucci's Italian restaurant in Bird Street, Lichfield, Staffordshire, some diners made the grave mistake of complaining about the service. Instead of being given a proper response, they got a rude message on their bill. "Check out the check, bozo!"

The owner, a Mr Langsdon, said the message had been meant to be seen only by kitchen staff and he did not know how it ended up as an item on the receipt. He said, "That shouldn't come out on the bill, so we've got to find out what's gone wrong there. But we have apologised unreservedly to the girls concerned and said that they're very welcome to come back and have a free meal and we'd like them to." Mr Langsdon is being highly disingenuous. He doesn't need to find out what's gone wrong, he needs to shape up and admit his restaurant doesn't always measure up service-wise!

It's about time the British took the restaurant trade by the scruff of the neck and told them that high prices, dodgy food, and poor service will no longer be tolerated. Mr Langsdon adds a 10% service charge automatically - regardless. The American system of tips, speaking one's mind and a considerable amount of competition between restaurants makes for a much more enjoyable time all round!


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