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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ron Paul gets Ben Bernanke to admit "I don't have good grades"!

This piece from CNBC is a real showpiece in how the Western world's economy, and that of the US in particular, is run by people who don't really do the right thing or seem oblivious to what their jobs are all about. Ron Paul here gives Mr. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman, something to think about. It seems to me that Bernanke is running things on a wing and a prayer. He looked decidely uncomfortable. Bill Griffeth, always the smooth operator, comes in on this piece with his suggestion that people "may not agree with Ron Paul politically", as if that is a pre-requisite when conducting interviews.

Interesting that CNBC on their site give no reference to Ron Paul, but give Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., flattering positioning by mentioning that he offered the Fed chief some sympathy. Bachus said, "There is perhaps no other public figure in America who has been subjected to as much Monday morning quarterbacking as you have over the past six months". Well, on the evidence we see here, Mr. Bernanke has admitted his "grades" don't pass muster, so Mr. Bachus is a bit flowery in his praise!

I hope people see this tape. Republican voters in Texas should take on board Ron Paul's message. The middle classes in America are being squeezed. They don't want it to get so bad that the pips pop out! Mr. Bernanke doesn't seem too sure about the economic outcome. He even suggests that sub-prime mortgage lending is a positive force, if done properly. I hardly think the word "proper" sits well with this form of financial sleaze!

Rest assured John McCain won't kick ass with him. But Ron Paul as President? Wow! These quack inflation curers will be put out to grass!


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