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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Runway protesters on roof of House of Commons!

Following on from the protest at Heathrow Airport, as I write this post, five protesters from the campaign group Plane Stupid have managed to scale the walls of the House of Commons and are on the roof. Having unfurled banners, one of which links BAA, the Heathrow Airport management company, to the decisions made under the roof, the protesters are causing the parliamentary authorities yet another security headache.

I very much suspect that the Government will try to turn this towards security and blame the protesters as irresponsible. As if the New Labour regime has no responsibilities for the security of the Nation. They were instrumental in causing unrest across the Islamic world by their support and involvement in a cack-handed invasion of Iraq. Many of the security lapses are because lowly-paid foreigners are used by the "security industry". New Labour needs to be a party to the solutions, not act as a lofty onlooker carping about the disruptive peasants!

One of the roof protesters, Richard George, 27, from London, said, “I am stood on the roof of Parliament because the democratic process had been corrupted. The aviation industry had taken full advantage of a weak Prime Minister to get the Heathrow consultation fixed. It does not even consider global warming despite everything Gordon Brown has said about the environment and despite the massive impact aviation has on the climate.”

The Third Runway issue could well have a corrosive impact on British democracy. New Labour has a proven record in spin and deception. The BBC are reporting today that business is lobbying hard for this runway, on the "evidence" that the City of London could well lose its primacy in world financial markets. Seeing as the financiers, bankers and general money changers saw nothing wrong in lending money to loads of penniless paupers, dressing the loans up as "sub-prime", these are the very last people we should be listening to!

If democracy gets trampled under foot, or people's perception is that democracy is being usurped, then we are in for troubling times. The Government cannot ride roughshod over the people. They do so at their peril.


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