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Monday, November 28, 2011

Guido Fawkes to be quizzed about Paul Staines at Leveson Inquiry

So important he was bound to be phone hacked!
Lord Justice Leveson wants Paul Staines to appear before his inquiry regarding the tip-offs that appeared on the Order-Order blog regarding Alastair Campbell's forthcoming evidence. Now most of Britain regards Campbell as a character who skids around town plotting and planning, but are they really interested in his ideas about who tried to blag what from whom? How explosive his "evidence" will be remains to be seen but it's probably more of the same.

I took a look at Guido Fawkes and wondered a bit about kettles and pots. There's a campaign going on at the moment to "restore capital punishment" via an email petition. Paul Staines is behind it. He rather disingenuosly promotes the murder of Joanna Yeates as a reason to sign. Vincent Tabak is put forward as a suitable candidate for the gallows. It has a ring of sensationalism about it. Yet when I looked at the wording of the petition, only a very limited category of murder would be included in the petition. Murder of children and police officers when killed in the line of duty. This would not cover the case he so graphically flags up.

It's one thing to try to sensationalise Campbell's artful dodging but then the scribe wielding the pen should not be a mirror image of the subject of criticism. Maybe Paul Staines will make for a more interesting witness than Campbell, obfuscator to the stars!


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