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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

South African outcry over "racist" video

Following on from "doing unto others", there appears no let up in nasty behaviour in the world. Apparently several white students in South Africa face criminal charges after allegedly forcing black campus employees to eat food that had been urinated on. This is exactly what a law on hatred should be about. Stopping nasty people doing nasty things.

A video has surfaced which appears to show the students instructing five elderly workers to drink beer and perform athletic tasks. At one point, the University of Free State employees are apparently forced to eat food which has been urinated on. This is just the base level that hatred can get people to go to. We talk of the depths that humanity goes to when we think of wrongs, and we talk of heights when we think of good achievements.

These students do themselves no good. They achieve no status other than with like-minded louts. The world now knows that there is still a mountain to climb in South Africa as far as some people are concerned. Let's hope the opinion unleashed against them will bring them to there senses.

The very first thing they should do is to apologise to their victims!


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