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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dutch MEP Paul van Buitenen makes 'fraud' report public!

On the very day that our Prime Minister is burbling about being "pro-European" and denying the people the referendum he promised, albeit for a constitutional treaty and not this treaty, even though the authors of the original say the two are 98% similar, we get a chance to see (in Dutch, so Nick Clegg can read it!) all the gory details of the rackets and rake-offs in Brussels. Dutch MEP Paul van Buitenen has published a confidential internal report on abuse of staff allowances described by a colleague as "dynamite".

It all goes to show that these gravy-train merchants, who have been basically operating a fraudulent operation for years, are now, yet again, exposed for what they are. Does Gordon Brown give a fig? Or is he just not bothered, like he can't be bothered to clean up the expense fiasco in the House of Commons.

The more we expose these crooks the better. Good on you, Paul. Goed uitgevoerd!


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