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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MPs reject EU treaty referendum

MPs have rejected proposals to hold a UK-wide referendum on whether to ratify the EU's Lisbon Treaty. Don't you just love democracy?

We are governed by a party which has only 20% of the electorate's support. It is led by a part-time MP job-sharing with an MSP. This man has deceived the country over his relationship with Prudence, who left him and us in the lurch with the Northern Rock fiasco, bad lending policies, higher taxes and a general high-handed approach to opposition.

There never was going to be a referendum. The treaty is being pushed through Parliament by two political weasels, David Miliband and Jim Murphy. The people are going to have to think of something else to regain our democratic control over our lives.

Frank Field is right. Politicians are held in low esteem and they mostly think they are an elite that knows best.

Brown! Your card is marked!


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