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Friday, March 07, 2008

Who are they fooling?

The European Union Establishment is very much a benign version of Putin's Russia, it seems to me. Whereas Putin armtwists with a smile that makes you wonder whether it is malevolent or benevolent, but does it all openly with a "see if I care" look, the EU bosses try it all with a degree of superiority and obstinate determination based on spin and deception.

The leaders of most of the European Union countries have declared that there is not much between the old constitution document and this new treaty. It ranges from 88% to 98% difference! Seems they all have their own interpretation - a bit like the Bible!

In the UK the vast majority are opposed to the treaty. I'd say about 75/25 is the split. What British people do not want is a controlling, federalist Europe. Contrary to the "pro-Europeans" and their Cleggy-like barbs, most of British public want good relations with continental Europe. But not supreme governance and petty-fogging rule-making!

The Dutch voted Nee! in their last referendum. Harry Potter, a signed-up EU crawler, thought they needed a lesson. No more referendums! If they had one, the Dutch would vote the same way today, because they want the same as the British.

The Dutch question was "Bent U voor of tegen instemming door Nederland met het verdrag tot vaststelling van een grondwet voor Europa? (Are you in favour of or against approval by the Netherlands of the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe?)". 61.5% of voters rejected the Constitution, on a turnout of 63.3%.

In France, 55% of voters rejected the Constitutional treaty on a turnout of 69%. Whilst a repeat referendum in France may be close, it is more likely to be 60/40 against today. Recent events show that the French want for their country what the British want for theirs!

The German public is unsettled, and probably the other countries are too. What we have now is a situation of arrogant politicians, all spinning faster than spiders, who are facing down their electorates with defiance. Defiance is the only word.

In Britain, the weasel words from David Miliband and Jim Murphy (he could sell sand to the Arabs just by boring them rigid on the minute detail of sand grain structure!) defy logic. But it is the arrant defiance of Gordon Brown, a man who sees democracy as only being to his personal advantage, that will cause lasting damage.

The people of Britain, and England in particular, are seething currently. If the lid blows off the pot, who knows what will happen.


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