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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Ron Paul matters!

Forbes.com wrote to all the remaining candidates in the presidential contest to get a view on the issues they believe are the most important ones facing the nation at this moment in time. They don't say what the rest did, but Ron Paul responded.

In his comments he says -

"The current state of our economy drives home the hard truth that living beyond our means has caught up to us. Oil is over $100 a barrel, the housing market is in sharp decline and the dollar is in a free fall. The national debt now stands in excess of $9 trillion, more than $30,000 per person. The total future debt obligations of the United States, including entitlements, are estimated at around $59 trillion, which equates to over $500,000 per household."

I don't know if this election is really about the future of American people, and, by association, the futures of other nations, such as the UK, or whether it is about ostrich farming. After all, a good ostrich is supposed to have all its faculties available for shoving its head in the sand!

Maybe Ron Paul has been sidelined by the powers-that-be because they fear his message will unravel their fantasy world? I don't know about you, but I'm sure that the average American hasn't got the odd $30,000 floating about to pay back to Uncle Sam's lenders, let alone $500,000.

Is it all too stark for these characters on Capitol Hill? Are they mad, bad, or indifferent? I'd hate to see people I know in America, and the whole country for that matter, get sucked in any further.

Ron Paul adds "For over 30 years, I have been urging all Americans to educate themselves about monetary policy in order to better understand how a small group of unelected individuals at the Fed and the Treasury Department wield tremendous power over our lives." Precisely!

The Revolution goes on.........................


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