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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blair scared of Brown says Prescott

John Prescott apparently urged Tony Blair to sack Gordon Brown but he claims the prime minister was "scared" of his chancellor. This is what Prescott says in his memoirs. Amazing these New Labour people. All making money, or trying to, faster than a one-armed bandit.

The former deputy prime minister said Mr Blair reneged on several promises to resign in favour of Mr Brown. So it was true. No wonder Brown was so moody. He still is. Prescott describes Brown as "annoying, bewildering and prickly". He says Mr Brown would sulk silently in meetings so often they had to be abandoned, while on other occasions, he could “go off like a bloody volcano”. So it takes one volcano to know another volcano, does it?

Prescott adds very neatly that he brokered "hundreds" of reconciliation meetings and phone calls between Brown and Blair. Perhaps a new career at Relate beckons. After all, Pauline (Mrs.Prescott) has given him a few tips. It would appear that, as with quite a few politicians, the wife comes to the rescue.

I shan't be reading Prescott's book, not because of him, but because I don't think it will tell me much more about him. What a sorry lot they all are.


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