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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Googly Woogly Blues

I thought I'd be clever and change by blog settings. Part of the problem has been the recent choice of template. I thought it was OK but it didn't load up properly. Now I'm no techy geek, but I am not internet challenged either. When Blogger first set up, I joined. Now it's part of Google and I think that's quite fine. But it is a platform in its own image. It doesn't necessarily sit well with other stuff that has been "introduced". A lot of templates are rejected by Blogger, so getting one that fits seems to be part of the package.

This blogging business is all very much self taught for most of us. I remember going out and getting a moped years ago as a late teenager. When I first tried the thing I thought I would never get the hang of it. All too scary! Then bravado kicked in and I got used to it. A top speed of 30 mph suddenly became rather tame. I went at 4o downhill and the engine blew up. Taking it back to the shop, the guy said "You've caned it!". I never got so far as proper motor bikes, but I got a better, faster moped. It's all a bit like that with blogging. I started with fairly boring templates, then tried some fancy new ones. Trouble was I "caned" the last two because they were over-widgeted by me. Now, hoping, I've got a stable one that won't do it's own thing.


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