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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hup Holland hup!

Voorwaarts voor de Nederlanders. Het was een geweldige wedstrijd, vol oranje geest en vastberaden heid. Geen probleem dat Engeland niet van de partij is, het Nederlandse team zorgt voor alle nodige opwinding. Ik had nooit gedacht dat een Europacup zo geslaagd kon zijn. Het helpt natuurlijk, dat ik een Nederlandse vrouw heb....

Vanavond is ons huis oranje!


Je vrouw is Nederlandse? Prima!

My lekkerding and I will be in Ossendrecht in October. We're going to be peetouders.

We're supporting Netherlands in the Sane household too.

The first Dutch phrase I learnt was "laat me je tieten ens zijn". Was that the chat-up line you used to pull your lekker ding? :o)

I'm Holland fan.
Holland VS RUSSIA.

Brilliant, Wonko! My introductions were in English in England. All very tame, but I am getting better at it. Must keep on with the tapes.

I've learnt bits of Dutch from my Dutch and Belgian friends. It helps that I did German as well as French at school so even though I've forgotten most of my German I still understand how the sentence is put together and the Dutch words sometimes remind me of the German equivalent and I remember what it means. :D

Of course, your lekkerding probably wouldn't understand a word of what I say because I've been learning from people in Brabants and I gather that's about as intelligible to other Dutchy's as a drunk Glaswegian is to us.

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