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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John Leslie fingered again!

John Leslie, the former Blue Peter presenter and daytime chat host, has described an allegation of rape made against him as "totally untrue". He has gone public over leaks to the press.

My concern with this is that it has all the hallmarks of opportunist cash-making. I believe Mr.Leslie is being "framed". Strong words, but there is an element of the dog with a bone here. It is all too easy for certain accusers to think that money will come their way. The tabloid press see no harm in raking over the coals. If Mr.Leslie gets burned, what of that to them. If they can get a "story" it's certainly money for them.

There needs to be a complete overhaul of our social attitudes. Rape victims need to know that they will be given a fair hearing with proper justice. However, we should be equally vigilant against the opportunist money-makers who think a well-known person will make an easy "victim".

Society has muddied the waters between decency and decadency. New Labour has promoted a climate in which sexual morality is a blurred concept. No wonder people have mixed emotions, ranging from petty revenge to clumsy cupboard love. What's in between would make a kaleidoscope blush.

John Leslie's statement


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