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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Paul supporters gear up for GOP Texas meeting

Ron Paul's campaign now boils down to "Let him speak!". It a fairly simple message, but one that the GOP bigwigs seem desperate to avoid, especially at national level. Supporters of Ron Paul want to make the most of his Texas home turf to promote his message before thousands of GOP activists attending the state convention in Houston.

The Texas GOP is sounding reasonable when it comes to freedom of expression. "Grassroots leaders from across Texas will have the opportunity as they do at every state convention to organize, energize and vocalize their views," said state party spokesman Hans Klingler. This should be a fantastic opportunity then to get the Ron Paul message across. Republican Party leaders say they expect a variety of opinions at the huge convention, which runs Thursday through Saturday and typically attracts about 14,000 participants. Of those, about 6,500 are delegates and 6,500 are alternates. Let's hope Mr. Klinger is a man of his word! It would be even better if Ron Paul was able to speak for himself, but it appears the messenger may have to make way for the message deliverers. A kind of Ron Paul postal service with several deliveries!


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