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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Ron Paul ultimatum - drop out and you can speak!

Apparently word has got out that the GOP high command are going to do a deal with the Ron Paul supporters. If their candidate publicly declares that he will be dropping out of the race and that he supports the presumptive nominee, John McCain, then he can speak at the convention.

That all supposes that the speaking spot will be worth it. What is Ron Paul to say? "I stand here today to declare that humble pie is now my favourite dessert!" Shudder the thought. At one time, these conventions were debating assemblies, where policy was thrashed out. Not anymore. It's a coronation circus with the acts firmly following a designated script.

Ron Paul wants to address the convention delegates with his own words. Otherwise it will be nothing more than a ventriloquist's act. Why is it so hard for a proper debate to be held?


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