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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Suggesting a serving suggestion?

It amuses me that all grocery items with a picture on the packaging have to have the words "Serving Suggestion" stuck on as well, close to the picture. This seems to serve (no pun intended!) two purposes. One is to protect the retailer/producer from unscrupulous customers who complain at the drop of a hat. "I thought a TV came with this pizza" and such. The second is that it is a lot shorter than putting "This is what it could look like if you take it out of the tub, spread it on a piece of bread and top it with a spidery-looking lettuce leaf, the sort you can't buy in the store!".

Serving Suggestion is a lot shorter. However, tagging every picture with this euphemism is not without stupidity. Sainsbury's has a pate which has a neat serving suggestion. A pile of spice and some celery leaves. Looks nice but the pate is not in the picture. Somebody just went ahead as usual and stuck it on.

It never occurred to Cerebos to put "Serving Suggestion" on their tins!


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