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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UKIP in Henley

I've just had a message about the UKIP candidate in the Henley by-election on 26th June. His name is Chris Adams and he's got a very good website for his election campaign. One issue that will or should be high up on the list is the closure of rural post offices. As ever, it's the EU behind it for most of the way. Plus you've got to make up the shortfall when the boss of the Post Office is sunning himself in far flung regions having pocketed a £3 million bonus topped wage packet.

The Real Reason for closures. Listen to Mr.Adams. “It’s outrageous that the people here have not been told the real reason why their post office is closing. There are people here who simply can’t travel miles to another branch and nor should they have to. But the fact is that this decision was made last year by the government and the EU and the consultation process was simply a smokescreen”.

“The simple truth is that post offices are closing because Tories, Labour and Lib Dems voted in Brussels to strip the Royal Mail of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and people in this constituency should remember that when they come to vote.”

I hope the BBC gets the message too, so they can tell it as it is. As I say on my blog heading - I'm a staunch opponent of political spin and deception. Seems the Royal Mail has it by the mail sack!


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