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Monday, July 28, 2008

Ron Paul!! You were wronged by the wrong!

I wrote just a couple of posts ago that George Bush got drunk. I'm still figuring out what his intoxication is exactly. As far a counting the pennies he's botched that one up big time. He entered the White House with a budget surplus and is due to pass on to his successor a deficit of $482 billion. Let's round it up to $500 to be on the safe side. This is a staggering amount. It is more than a $1000 for every person that breathes air in the USA! That's the actively employed to the bedridden and the incarcerated. Exclude everyone who isn't working and the message hits home. Every American is working two months out of twelve, not to pay legitimate taxes, but to pay back the spendthrift behaviour of a man who thinks others "got drunk"! Forget the regular taxes, they come on top of this whopping great headache.

If ever this is going to be rectified it will need half the penpushers running government agencies to be put out to grass. In any country it cannot be right for the bulk of the citizenry to be sweating their guts out to pay for the extravagances of politicians who take a cavalier attitude to the problems of government. Ron Paul had a message to cut the stifling bureaucracy that may one day bring the United States to her knees. He was cruelly sidelined by the snout-troughers and brown envelope brigade. Liberty will get down from her plinth and cast them aside I hope. The Ron Paul Revolution is not dead. It is alive and breathing and will grow. Then ordinary people can take back what they thought they were getting in 1776. Representation in order to decide taxation. And it will stop the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves!


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