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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blogger changes!

One thing about blogging, or the whole internet for that matter, is that things keep changing. And changing at a pace that I find mildly alarming. It's a bit like buying a new TV only to find a better model on display the next day.

Blogger have updated again. All very good and I've got no complaints, but it is all a constant learning curve. Will my widgets be there tomorrow, I ask myself. I'm getting used to the new changes.

In some ways, being on the internet is like being a fish in the ocean. Sometimes you can see for miles in clear water, then a ghastly oil slick blocks your view. There are some slippery eels out there, some sharks, some knowledgeable dolphins and some shoals of fish you'd rather avoid. The crabs can give you a nip and the weeds can get you tangled up. But mostly, it's an adventure worth being involved in. I'm pleased it's here!


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