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Friday, August 01, 2008

Man "decapitated" on Greyhound Bus!

Rumours abound about a Greyhound bus stabbing in Canada. Apparently a young man was stabbed and, according to witnesses, beheaded aboard a Greyhound bus in Manitoba on Wednesday night.

Police have not confirmed the identity of the victim pending notification of his family, saying only that he was stabbed while riding on a bus that was en route to Winnipeg from Edmonton.

Such things are extremely rare. However, I would not think it above the suspicions of fellow passengers to think each other capable of peculiar or odd behaviour. I well remember travelling on a Greyhound bus (it could have been a Trailways) and a chap regailed me about whether the Queen ever came out of Buckingham Palace. "She does come out, doesn't she?" he repeated, seemingly at every turn in the road. Another passenger gave me chapter and verse on her journey from the Roman Catholic church to the Mormons, via what appeared to be every denomination in the USA! Yet another had gory details of the Vietnam War.

Most are genuinely agreeable and make exceedingly good travelling companions. But, as far as I know, there is little or no screening for nutters and nuisance-makers. These you have to deal with according to your own abilities.


Why did you put "decapitated" in quotes? The young man is well and truly dead because his head was cut off, so why?

Just curious.

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I was just trying to be cautious because I didn't know if it was really true. I suppose I was mimicking the "real press"!

The whole episode sounds truly ghastly. That must be why it has be underplayed to some extent.

Do you want off? It just makes you want to say, "Stop this world, I want off." It is so angering, so shocking, that it is both deafening and silencing at the same time. How can anyone believe that man is basically, “good”, when hearing news like this?

Debra J.M. Smith
Aug. 04, 2008

I see the man accused is going through the legal process.


What I can't fathom is how this particular grisly murder was able to take place. It's all a bit cramped on a bus. Were the others just watching and waiting? It all has an unreal air about it, but is still a reality.

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