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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McCain and Obama able in Christian den!

It is typically American today that the two candidates from the main political parties have to go to some born-again Christian temple to open their hearts, minds and souls. In England it is usually the local vicar or some civic dignatory that puts on a "hustings" event. Not so in America, or at least not anymore. There you have some preacher, probably vetted to see if there are no skeletons in the cupboard, introducing the duo so they can empty their closets in public to show off their skeletons.

I would not put much store by these events. The devil in me thinks it is partly to boost the career of the preacher concerned. Coming from a part of Christendom where this kind of publicity-led preaching is unheard of (apart from Anglicans getting publicity from disagreements!), I find it slightly uneasy that prim and proper people should be delving into the personal lives of others in such a way. The troubling aspect for me about "born-again Christians" is that the "I'm Saved!" mantra dispels much of the Faith, Hope and Charity aspect of Christianity. They don't apparently have Hope, they have rock solid certainty that they have front row seats in Heaven. This, it seems, gives them the right to sit and judge others who do not have the "I'm Saved!" mentality.

I see Bob Barr is getting all het up about not being invited. I wouldn't worry Bob. You're better off out (to paraphrase a Eurosceptic message!). Apparently "the only people getting into the event are Obama, McCain and those who reportedly paid $500 to $2,000 to the church to sit in the audience." Filthy lucre, Bob. Stick to being a libertarian and forget the huffing and puffing!


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