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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain tries to trash Obama - Olympic style!

John McCain's people are all about negative advertising, it would appear. We are to suppose that the average American is sitting watching TV thinking "Gee, this Obama is a screwball! I won't vote for HIM!" I have this vision of young Kevin from the Wonder Years as his dad tries to watch the TV news so he can give his squabbling family his take on the world's problems. Kevin shrugs his shoulders as usual!

Surely all this is a waste of time. Americans are crying out for a new way forward. Obama is the only one available that will give positive action in this direction. This response from Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman, is disingenuous in the extreme. He says McCain is "focused on ensuring that voters have the best information possible to make an informed decision on Election Day." I doubt that very much.
However, if the US media was not so strapped down to the floor by advertising moguls and corporate lobbyists, then I would believe him. However, the real world suggests he is wrong.
I would normally be actively thinking right now that McCain was the best guy. He's a Republican, and all the rest. But he mixes too much with lobbyists for my liking. Come November, should McCain win, these trough-snouters will be in their best bib and tuckers all salivating at the thought of more riches. Which could mean more ruin for others.
If McCain changes tack and tells us what he would actually do I might be more impressed. But by merely negatively attacking the messenger of much wanted change, he shows a paucity of ideas.


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