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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Rigorous Roman rhetoric!

I've just had a read of some of the comments on Damian Thompson's Telegraph blog. In his post "Rome's plans for the Anglicans" we are given some very nice insights into RC pew thinking. As an Anglican Catholic I have long since known that ecumenical niceties are only skin deep with some. I'm derided as a fake catholic, attending a fake "mass" with an invalid priest in a church full of "ornaments". Now I realise that not all RC's take this line, but some reading this will give a knowing nod to themselves.

This quote - "These people have supported wymynpriestesses and mincing gay clerics with boyfriends, and such, for how many years now? What makes anyone think that they really are Catholic?" And this one - "Well, the Anglo Catholics or failing that some of us Catholics will have to go and get the Anglicans.That's not such a silly idea as it appears on first reading. If Catholics cared about the Anglicans being re-united to the Church they would make a lot more sacrifices and take real Catholicism to them." And even this one - "We have too many Anglicans in the Catholic Church already. They should take greater care to ensure that they are Catholics before they receive them into the Church."

Am I beginning to get paranoid or am I really between an eccliastical rock and a spiritual hard place? I do wish people could accept differences, live with them charitably and work out how to get on without rancour. Impaired communion exists within the Anglican Church. We live with denominational differences. However, all Christians are united by their baptism. I remember a Roman Catholic priest saying of those who were not of his persuasion, "I'm not saying they're wrong. Just that it is not right for me." A good thought.

If Roman Catholics want Anglicans to go through some sort of sackcloth and ashes penitence ritual, then that is not being Christian. Faith is caught not taught (although doctrine buttresses the Faith). I certainly don't want to catch something where I am encouraged to rubbish those I was with the week before!


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