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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frenzied attack in Somerfield store

If you ever wondered what the security guards are capable of in your local supermarket then take comfort from the brave guy at the Somerfield store in Anchor Springs, Littlehampton. A 20-year-old woman customer was seriously injured when a man went beserk and just stabbed her. The security guard restrained the attacker until the police arrived at the scene. Well done, that man!

The victim, who had multiple wounds, was transferred to Southampton for specialist treatment overnight after receiving emergency surgery at Worthing Hospital. What a disturbing account! Anyone who does this must be mentally unstable. Therein lies the problem. As a society we do not do enough to treat such people. This innocent young woman is the victim of such a malaise.

Recently it was reported that mentally ill people can often find themselves in a police cell rather than a hospital bed. It's cart before the horse stuff, with the horse getting to push a three-wheeled cart!

I wonder if, after enquiries are made, that the attacker has been through "the system". It's this system that let's us down, time and again.


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