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Monday, September 08, 2008

Jesse Ventura on the Palin problem!

So much said in a week about Sarah Palin! Now Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota, weighs in with his ten cents worth of comment. In some ways he's got a point. He says she is too inexperienced. She probably is. He says, "Now here she is, after not even having been there for two years, she’s now going to be the VP!? I mean, realistically, John McCain could drop dead a week into office. She would then be the top person in the world. Is she prepared for that? I don’t believe so, having been a governor. After not even serving two years as governor, I was not prepared to be president."

If John McCain did die in office and Sarah Palin took over, would she be a disaster? My guess is that she would not be so ineffective or ill-prepared. She'd run the show fairly competently. She strikes me as a no-nonsense woman, who is very focused on firm advice and getting the job done. From the TV interviews given by "ordinary Alaskans" they seem to agree. However, she knows precious little about Washington ways. If McCain did go before he had given her the lowdown on pork barrels and sleaze bags, she may not get the difference quite measured up. In that sense, Jesse has a point.

And I think Jesse is too hard on himself. He knows the wicked ways of life and how to confront them. He took on the Minnesota establishment and won. As a pro-wrestler he must have seen some lobbying of the wrestling kind. He'd have made quite a formidable president, if a bit unconventional.

If Sarah Palin ever gets to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office any time soon, it will be because the American people thought the prospect an OK one. It's up to them whether they think she's experienced or otherwise!


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