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Sunday, September 14, 2008

LibDems no longer so passionate over Euro!

In a surprising turn of events, or turn of policy, the Lib Dems have made a significant break with their commitment to the European single currency. They no longer see it as a priority. Well, I'm blowed!

In an interview with the The Independent on Sunday, Chris Huhne said, "The truth is, within the British debate, it's completely off the radar and there is simply no point in regarding it as a runner worth investing political time in." Mr Huhne also told the IoS that Nick Clegg would not become a household name until after the next election, saying the leader needed to "go through an election to become a real figure in the front rooms of the country". But I bet he'll be talked about in the front rooms of Tory and UKIP activists!

I wonder if this is a way of getting on board soft eurosceptics? Maybe. It goes to show that the next election will be a very odd affair indeed.


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