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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Miliband's Heseltine Moment!

David Miliband is what my father would have called "a thruster" by which he meant someone to be wary of. Miliband is a bit loose with the tongue. Unlike the chirpy Hazel Blears, Miliband is more of the sidling up and conspiratorial grin type. If I were Gordon Brown I'd move him to be Leader of the House and get Hoon in, much as I detest Hoon for his duplicitous dealings over Iraq.

Miliband was overheard telling an aide, “I couldn’t have gone any further. It would have been a Heseltine moment.” He thinks!?! All the signs are there. He is being both disloyal and disingenuous. Miliband may be the bookies favourite, but I'd not lay any bets on him. If we are to get a possible new leader of the Labour Party, I'd plump for John Denham or Alan Johnson. The rest, well just look at the possibles from this set!

The Foreign Secretary said that he had toned down his Labour conference speech to avoid embarrassing Gordon Brown. Is that what he really thinks? He must think we were all born yesterday!


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