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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Students' union in bizarre mental breakdown!

What is it with some students' unions. The one at the University of Manchester has gone into some kind of mental loopiness. They don't seem to know much and don't appear to have learnt much. For a start they don't know the difference between sex and gender. Of course gender is a hijacked word. No longer a grammatical term to distinguish between the male and female in the written language, it has become a word to mean any form of sexual proclivity on a scale of 1-100!
Not content with talking nonsense about "gender", they are also into the Humpty Dumpty world of making up words to suit themselves. "Transphobia"!!! Ever heard of it. Is it a phobia of going across something? No, it's a word they made up to have a go at the people they think are against trans-sexuals and trans-anything else. I imagine you could be transphobic on transport, transit systems, transatlantic flights, or maybe with transfatty acids. Transphobia could be catching.

These people are absurdly stupid. They have come up with "toilets with urinals" to say where "gents" go. The "ladies" simply go "toilets". Why stop there. Heavens, don't they know that TOILET is terribly non-U? It's LAVATORY!! But why should they care? They're on a mission for zealots.

Some years ago, on the BBC News Quiz, Willie Rushton said, (apparently overheard), "A vacancy for a gentlemen to clean the toilets at Victoria Station!?! Hardly a job for a gentleman!"

Times change, eh?


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