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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Brown blames everyone but himself!

As I write this our devious Prime Minister is giving his assesment of the credit crisis. "It started in America!", he declares. "There was some hiding of things from the regulators" - "I support reward for risk, but there were some risky decisions" and so the snappy retorts to journalists went on. When asked who was to blame, he flinched for a moment, then continued with the obfuscations. He, of course, is to be seen as the saviour of the moment.

I hope all this works out, I really do. But Brown takes the biscuit. For ten years as Chancellor, he's been giving his old girlfriend Prudence a rough ride. He was so fond of her in opposition. If I were Prudence, I'd be leading a campaign against such abusive behaviour.

Are we to believe that he spent his days in No.11 Downing Street only looking at the door connecting the place to No.10? He must have known what was going on in the banking world. Did Mervyn King not utter one word of caution? The FSA have admitted they were asleep on the job some of the time. It beggars belief that in TEN YEARS a man's ears hear NOTHING!!!

Now we are left with a vague idea that he and Darling are going after these bonus baggers if they have done wrongdoing. But the whole thing leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Last night on television I saw a builder who had been forced into bankruptcy because his bank would not continue the regular and agreed funding for his business. A man who literally built up a business, employed people and produced what his customers wanted.

It really is the innocent suffering for the guilty!


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