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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Foxy lady succumbs to Ron Paul!

During the Republican primaries Fox News seemed to be hell-bent on keeping Ron Paul off the news bulletins. Occasionally they would have him on, suggesting to him that he was whistling in the dark or talkiing to himself!

Elizabeth MacDonald gamely admits that "sometimes a journalist just needs to yield the platform for once, for God’s sakes, to someone who is trying to bring some common sense to the debate. Yes, Dr. Paul has been criticized and ridiculed. By those who live in an echo chamber and don’t give anyone except those who agree with themselves a fair hearing. It’s time to listen to all points of view, because we are living through one of the rare times when the landscape of this economy could be permanently changed."

She goes on to quote Ron Paul at length. Although not saying so in so many words, I think Elizabeth MacDonald is at least one in the Fox compound who is showing signs of succumbing to Ron Paul's view of the credit crunch.


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