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Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday Blog Review

I thought I'd look around the blogs that interest me and share some thoughts.

Cranmer has a good response to his posting about flying bishops in the Church of England. I've added some comments. This topic gets a few breasts beating!

Cranmer has also highlighted The Plan, which is some policy ideas from Daniel Hannan MEP and his ideological soul-mate Douglas Carswell MP. They have a few pointers that I'd go along with. Some I wouldn't. Some we couldn't do if we wanted, such as scrapping VAT. Mr.Euroman would see to that! But primaries for elections - YES so long as it wasn't interminable as in the USA!

Free England has some trenchant opinion about the so-called War in Afghanistan. Personally I support only wars that are in defence of a nation or where a country supports an ally. This is not one of those. I would have thought it self-evident that "we won't win this war" is a truism. The Afghan tribes have been like this since time began. Also, if the poppy crop isn't destroyed and the farmers given something else to do, then the whole thing is futile. I get the feeling that the politicians are fearful of the drug barons, so all this is lip service. What a tragedy!

Smooth Stone smoothly details why he's not supporting Obama. It's a long read, but this Palin thing about terrorists for tea has awoken the John McCain camp a bit.

Little Man in a Toque highlights some of the astounding things happening to us, apart from monitoring crooked bankers. BT is joining forces with the control freaks of this New Labour Regime Part Two to spy on our emails and internet usage. BT? Bloody Trouble!! Also the little Man exposes the Tory muddle on devolution and the sinister labelling of Country Life butter. The PC panderers have renamed it "British Butter" from its original appellation of English Butter. Morons!

Happy blogging!


Thank you for picking up my link, Arden, I really appreciate it.

Smooth Stone

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