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Saturday, October 04, 2008

OJ Simpson convicted on all counts

O J Simpson must be wondering about his life. Thirteen years ago to the day he was in a court to hear a jury say he wasn't guilty of killing his wife. Most of America, white that is, disagreed with the verdict. Now, on the anniversay of that court case, he is found guilty of robbery and menacing people with weapons. He claims he was only going to get back what was rightfully his.

You know, there may be a terrible irony in all this. I know he is going to appeal this verdict, but the thought occurs to me that he got off the first when evidence is compelling that he did it, but that he may not have been doing other than what he said in the second. So the verdicts are round the wrong way?

People like OJ live in the fast lane. He appears both charming and chilling in equal measure. Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde have been to visit him. But it would be a rough justice indeed if he has been found guilty now because "we didn't get him the first time!".


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