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Monday, October 06, 2008

Ron Paul to endorse more candidates!

Ron Paul is set to endorse four more Republican candidates for Congress. This Thursday, October 9th, at the Comcast Center at the University of Maryland in College Park he will attend a fundraiser.

The candidates to be endorsed are:- Richard Matthews (MD-2), Peter James (MD-4), Collins Bailey (MD-5), and Mike Hargadon (MD-7). All four Congressional candidates believe in limited Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, sound money, individual responsibility, economic and personal liberty, American independence and national sovereignty. Ron Paul stuff, eh?

As the list of endorsements continues, so the political map of the United States has some chance of changing. Those of us outside the beltway, so to speak, can only hope the American voters will take the opportunity to vote in November.

This election matters. Not just to Americans but the outside world too. Those sub-prime (more like centre-of-the-earth-prime!) loans affected banks all over!

Onwards and upwards!


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