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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Trooper Truth!

I wasn't very sure about Sarah Palin when she first came on the world scene, and was effectively introduced to all non-Alaskans. I've met American women like her before. All porcelain smooth looks with an electric current running underneath. On meeting, you could get a warm reception or a nasty shock from the experience.

What this so-called "trooper-gate" tells me is that she is definitely a tough cookie. The investion has found she abused her powers as governor. I think she gets muddled up as to whether she is a hockey mom or a Governor of a State in the union. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She took against her brother-in-law, big time! So she wanted him to "feel the pain". One way was to get him sacked and possibly to sack anybody who wouldn't sack the sacker. Basically, she let her feelings run away with herself.

Now, however much she may want to deny it, this does have a bearing on the election. As Vice-President, would she do something similar? Would she get someone fired because she had a bad day? It goes to show integrity. It goes to show honour. But above all it goes to show character.

I don't care what she does in her own life, who she mixes with. That's not my business. But politicians aim to be in authority, where they can authorise laws. This puts them in the driving seat. As passengers we are allowed to know a bit about the driver.

Another menacing fact is that, once the McCain camp knew of this, they were all over Anchorage like wasps over jam. They were trying to "contain it". But we don't need this kind of political activity. It would have been better to admit what was happening. I'm against all this subterfuge. Mrs.Palin would score better with me if she just admitted that she got hacked off with her ex brother-in-law. We can all get angry, upset or annoyed in life. Covering it all up is many times worse.


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