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Monday, December 01, 2008

A battering for Bombay in the nomenclature stakes!

The Times is starting it's first Mumbai day, having succumbed to the merciless pressure to resist describing the Indian city as Bombay. It's all rather sad I think. It's just pandering to the rather noxious sentiments of the PC brigade.

This modern righteousness of the "liberal elite" tells us what we should be doing and thinking. I cannot for the life of me see why it is so. The BBC tried saying Myanmar for Burma, but were told that the regime there was despotic and evil, so they desisted. They do not consider it an affront to fellow European countries to continue with anglicised versions of their place names. In fact, each European country has a different name for London. I don't hear the BBC rebuking the French for Londres!

No, it is all a parody of the facts. Most Indians who speak English in Bombay do not describe Bombay as Mumbai. They are not shaken to the core if they hear the word. Neither is it disrespect.

When all this has died down I am fairly certain it will be the case that Bombay remains the name that most Britons think of when that city comes to mind. Anyway, I've said my piece, probably too much, but I am glad that blogging does allow us a few pin pricks against the pomposity and puffed-up importance of those claiming that they know best!


To be honest I'm not bothered what anyone chooses to call it.

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