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Monday, December 22, 2008

The quick and the dead of New Labour

It isn't really surprising that a senior policeman should go off the handle and attack the Conservative Party in a most peculiar way. Over the last ten years, the politically correct and secular mindset of New Labour has permeated every section of society. The police are no exceptions. That a man by the name of Quick should be so quick as to declare his innermost political thinking through diatribe speaks volumes.

Mr Quick has taken umbrage because the Mail on Sunday revealed that Mrs. Quick was running a vintage car rental business from the family home. Quick off the mark, her police boss husband, says, referring to the Damian Green inquiry, "The Tory machinery and their press friends are mobilised against this investigation in a wholly corrupt way, and I feel very disappointed in the country I am living in. I think it is a very spiteful act, possibly to intimidate me away from investigating Mr Green, and I feel it has put my family at risk." Not only is it outrageous for a policeman to behave like this, it shows how he really thinks. Using perjorative words and phrases, like "Tory machinery", "mobilised", "wholly corrupt way" and "very spiteful act", without having the wit to check anything out before opening his mouth, shows how cosy this policeman's mind is with being anti-Conservative.

I think the Conservative Party has acted with restraint and deserves an apology! And Mr. Quick - a little message for you. I too feel very disappointed in the country I'm living in - with it's politically correct nonsenses, financially corrupt government and the general elevation of weasel wordsmiths to positions of authority.


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